5 Simple Steps to determining the best Social Media Platform

Social Media has become one of the most critical aspects of business development and marketing. It’s become so critical that a companies position on social media is a Benchmark.

So here are 5 Simple Steps ….to Determine which Social Media Platforms will be best for you and your business. Let me start out by saying, every company should have at least three main platforms and one must be a video form of social media.

First things first…remember Content Is KING! Nowadays it’s not enough just to say “Hi” on any social media platform you must, must, must have substance to your posts aka communication.
Content Marketing brings a certain level of depth and direction to the companies overall growth strategy. Measuring that content is one of the super important parts and that can easily be done through tools such as Google Analytics or KissMetrics.

Second, consider the Three C’s when deciding which platforms you’ll use. Every platform is not for every business. Remember social media takes time and engagement. So think….
1) Content …What will you say? How will you say it?
2) Commitment ….Do you like and understand the platform? Will you make consistent time for it?
3) Culture…. Does the platform match your personality and the personality of the company? Is your audience even on the specific platform?

Third, Understand that social media is an complementing outlet, not the only outlet. You must decide on what are the Marketing Goals and Needs for the company? When this is determined, the right social media platforms will fall into place. Even though social media is fun and excited, as a savvy business owner you must still have a strategic plan of action. Ask yourself Why are we on Social Media? What do we need to accomplish? Keep this in mind, the answer can’t be, “because everyone else is on it!”

Fourth, Write the vision and make it plain! If you write out your general marketing plan and communication goals, you’ll find it much easier to choose a platform that works for you.

Fifth, Look at your seven (7) Touhpoints of communication with your customers. What are the seven different ways you communicate with your customers?  Match them up against your content strategy and your social media platforms of choice. If you can connect the dots…. Then you got it! You may conveniently find the 7 touchpoints guide on our forms  and tools page.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your newest 5 Simple Steps Series…..Watch the video on You Tube @ImpactBrandingVideos

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