Are Business Coaches valuable to you as a Leader?

Business owners and companies access coaching for one reason. That reason is to improve their overall performance, efficiency and process. Those performances, efficiencies and processes are directly linked to the individual who is the leader. Coaching is known as one of the best ways to provide a customized program that will directly help leaders become effective and efficient. Leaders can be the actual owner of the business or the manager of a team at a company. Coaching once known as a “Cottage Industry” is now respected as a professional service that is instrumental in the development of people and growth of companies.

A few weeks ago I offered a presentation focused on Coaching and the value of having a Business/Executive Coach. Through that presentation a bunch of great questions can through so I wanted to take a moment to answer them and shed some more light on the profession.

A little history behind the Profession: Coaching evolved back in 1940. At that time companies recruited top managers in their own department, renamed them as consultants and commissioned them with the responsibility of developing leaders from within. At this time, only a few companies had this program and those were the companies that were doing very well and reporting the best profits. Fast forward to 1980, Coaching emerged as an official industry with individuals who were worthy for hire. Top executives were leaving companies with all their expertise and experience to start coaching companies. Then in 1995, the industry of Coaching catapulted into a fully functional profession and a highly sought after industry. Companies started looking for the best Executive Coach who had the ability to develop their leaders. Independent Entrepreneurs searched for a Business Coach who could help them get unstuck and get on track to being successful.
Why was this happening? Companies and Entrepreneurs were reporting as much as a 529% Return on their Investment. So think of it like this, for every $1.00 they were spending on coaching they were making $5.29 back through tangible and intangible benefits. Now that’s an excellent and real ROI!

The International Coach Federation (ICF) and MetrixGlobal performed a study on coaching clients to find out what were their biggest benefits of having a coach and this is what they found.

  • 62% were able to set and accomplish goals much better
  • 57% lowered their stress levels and had more confidence in their abilities
  • 36% were able to stay focused, complete projects and manage their time better
  • 26% were able to increase their income and experience a 17% profitability increase

The industry of Coaching has proven its validity and effectiveness by way of their ability to get results. When I offered my presentation I shared details about why our 12 week #BeUnleashed Executive Coaching program was able to help entrepreneurs increase their ROI 20 – 60%. The program focuses on managing the two main development stages we as professionals all go through. Those two stages are:

Unconscious Competence – where we know what we’re doing with confidence.. This stage can easily pull individuals into complacency and stagnation. The coaching program identifies and eliminates this.

Unconscious InCompetence – where we don’t know what we do not know. The problem here is we know just enough to enter the role but not enough to be effective in the role. The coaching program helps elevate leaders into a conscious state of competence with high performance habits.

Here are some of the questions that were asked during my presentation:
Q 1) What is a good measure of success for a business/leader after going through coaching?

Answer: The most obvious measure would be, was the initial goal for seeking coaching achieved. Another excellent measure is your personal level of confidence with your role. Are you feeling more confident in your abilities? Do you feel more organized and less frustrated? One of the unique components to the #BeUnleashed Coaching program is that we use the Profit Enhancer Analysis tool to assess results. You can find more details on the assessment tool by calling visiting

Q 2)  How often do you meet with your coaching clients?

Answer: During our 12 week coaching program, me and my clients meet every week for. We also communicate as needed. I’ve found that the first three months when acquiring new skills is the most critical moment to thoroughly evaluate the issue, identify the underlying cause and to start implementing lasting solutions. It takes on average 21 days to either create or break a habit, good or bad. However when you create or break it, practicing the new skill is needed, hence the 12 weeks.

Q 3) How can you coach a business that you’ve never worked in or been trained in?

Answer: This is a question many coaches receive. I’ll give you the shortest yet most complete answer. Business is Business regardless of what industry a person is in. There are two main principles to every business… That business needs to know how to sell their products and services and that business needs to have customers. A coach is not hired to understand the depths of the industry or the business. A coach is hired to understand the depths of the individual(s) functioning in the business. As a business coach, I help entrepreneurs or executives think and function efficiently and strategically. My specialty is strategy and implementation for service based companies. I know how to position a service as a product and increase the sale of that service.
Q 4) How large of a company will you coach and is my coaching program only for individuals or is it available to groups?

Answer: The #BeUnleashed executive coaching program is available for both the individual..Entrepreneur and the Corporate Executive. There is a program to educate groups on the foundation of business which is the Brand Development Bootcamp and the Corporate Development Training workshop for large companies.When you visit the IBC website you’ll learn more about them.

Q 5) How long does it usually take for your clients to see results & can I coach virtually if needed?

Answer: Yes I coach virtually and in person. We do a face to face virtual coaching, not telephone only. The program is specifically designed to get high impact results within the first 12 weeks. The coaching program and style of coaching is focused on a Goal to Goal and Project to Project model. We identify the specific goal and the specific project then we work towards getting specific results immediately.

Q 6) Are all coaches licensed & certified?

Answer: If the coach is functioning as an actual business, yes then that coach will be licensed to do business. However not all coaches are certified. As a coach, I chose to be trained and become a member of the International Association of Professional Business Consultants. However, as a continuing education process, I participate in coaching webinars, seminars and training classes. My coaching hours account for over 150 hours of active coaching.

Q 7) What should an individual or company have before starting the coaching process?

Answer: Before starting a coaching program the first thing to do it be ready to change some things and be ready to make an improvement. Another thing to have is the realization that a goal must be accomplished. As I mentioned before I’m a project to project and goal to goal coach. I work with business owners and companies who are actively seeking to enhance their performance and efficiency. My first question that I ask all potential coaching clients is, What is wrong? What is the specific thing you want to fix or need to accomplish? This is the starting point for the conversation. Once we get the answer to that question, we can get the ball rolling.

As I mentioned, these were some very good questions and I wanted to answer them publicly. I hope this has been helpful to you in your Business Coach search or consideration. If you have any questions about coaching or how to choose a coach feel free to contact 678-390-2681 for guidance.

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