Aligning with Health in Consumer Marketing

The foundational strategy marketers use to sell products is to convince people of their want or need. Right now, what people want, and need, is better health.

As a result of the obesity epidemic, and a surge in health-consciousness, there has been an increase in demand for healthier products. In 2013, about 70 percent of adults were considered to either be obese, or overweight, making America the most obese country in the world (National Center for Health Statistics Data). Alarmed by the state of our nation, people have started opting for more salads, lower-calorie meals, and more information on the food they use to fuel their bodies. Due to this shift, marketing needs to start appealing to the health-aspects of the brand, in order to remain competitive.

Both consumers and marketers have witnessed the effectiveness in controlling the public’s desires, especially the food industry. Americans continue to fall for the creative advertising and marketing of the food industry, leading to the sales of millions of sugar-filled, nutrient-lacking foods. Although this advertising is morally up-for-debate, it is, nonetheless, brilliant, because it capitalizes on what people want, and what they think they need. However, this marketing is becoming less and less effective, as the desire for these types of foods dwindles.

Hundreds of products have hit the market, promising lower calories and less sugar in their products. Notable examples include Halo Top ice cream and RX Bars. Even Coca-Cola released a sugar-free line, called Coke Zero. Chain restaurants are now required to label nutrient information, and organizations like Partnership for a Healthier America are combating unhealthy lifestyles (Partnership for a Healthy America).

From a marketing and public relations perspective, now is the time to align your brand with the movement for better health. There are many ways to make this effective in maintaining a leading, and lasting, brand— be it launching a healthy alternative product line, or partnering with 5k fundraisers.

Strategizing to make your brand health conscious will pay off in the long-run while consumers continue to take more actions to improve their health and weight. People continue to care more about the nutrition of the foods they eat, and their health, in general. Be the brand that helps them achieve that goal— your consumers, stakeholders, and employees, will thank you for it.




November 28, 2017
Authored by: Ms. Jenna Lea Aguilera

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