How to ask for a compelling Client Testimony?

How to ask for a compelling client testimony?  Often times, consultants and coaches either never ask for a testimony or they ask for the testimony incorrectly. Here are some tips for getting a compelling client testimony which will increase your new client acquisition with the least amount of sweat equity.

Important Reminder!

A) A testimony is not mandatory….They can decline..and it’s okay if they do

B) A testimony is a favor to you…

C) A testimony is only important to you… It takes time away for your client


Here are 3 core principles you’ll need to keep in mind:

1) Don’t just ask for a testimony, give guidance… this will also prevent delays in receiving the testimony

2) Get the testimony via Video AND in Writing
a) 85% of consumers will read up to 10 reviews before buying
b) Videos on landing pages and main pages of website increase conversions by 86%

3) When asking for the testimony list questions to generate an actual endorsement…

Question Options:
1) Why did you choose to purchase our product or retain our service?

2) How has our service or product improved your business? (*Ask for specifics metrics.. % / # )

3) What frustration or challenge has our service or product alleviated?

4) What do you enjoy most about working with us?

5) What would you say to a fellow business associate who may be on the fence about purchasing the product or retaining this service?

I hope this adds value to your business and you will receive more compelling testimonies.

Written by:

Chief Branding Strategist

Natasha E. Davis

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