What Happens At The Bootcamp

The Brand Development Bootcamp is a 2 day training program hosted once per month for business owners who are ready to boost the impact of their brand. You’ll transition through all 4 modules during the 2 days and learn how to get more out of your brand by positioning it to capture brand equity and not just brand recognition. During the Bootcamp you’ll receive the Brand Development workbook and resource guide, industry expert facilitation, hands on interactive learning, masterminding sessions, speed coaching and a ready to go plug and launch system when you return to your office. Lunch will be provided for both training days and an onsite professional headshot photo session.

View what each module will cover then get registered to Boost the Impact of your Brand!

Business Branding Builder

Learn the Key Elements for Launching or Growing a Brand and Business in today’s Economy.

Business Branding Builder Module 1

Learn the Key Elements for Launching and Growing a Business with an impactful Brand in today’s Economy.

You’ll Learn The Following:

  • The Business Branding Essentials 
    How to create a plan, use a plan and implement the plan.
  • Effective Team Building Techniques 
    Understand the 5 main roles of any team and how to effectively build one.
  • Budgeting and Allocation 
    Understand the power of creating and using a budget. Planning for Profits.
  • Supply the Demand Strategy
    Understand how to make your products & services a high demand item.
  • Technology Must Have’s!
    Find out which are the most valuable Technology Must Have’s for business and branding today.

This workshop is geared towards developing and enhancing upcoming and existing businesses to create and facilitate profitable operations. An Introduction to the F.O.C.U.S Principle will be taught for each Camper to successfully apply! Each key element will be addressed and the interactive hands on approach in the workshop will leave you feeling empowered and equipped.

Marketing With Authority

Learn how to boldly market your business without emptying your bank account.

Marketing With Authority Module 2

Learn how to boldly market your brand and business without emptying your bank account.

You’ll Learn The Following:

  • Strategic Marketing Plans
    Identify the right area to market in and how to create the right message for your audience. Also get the exclusive “How to Market with $500 a Year” guide.
  • Campaign Implementation Plan
    How to set the plan in motion effortlessly and how to track the results. Learn how to select your most profitable platform to advertise in.
  • Client Acquisition Strategies
    Learn how to attract new ideal clients using the Client Acquisition Model
  • Increase Sales & Money…Pricing it Right
    Learn how to actually get the sale closed and how to increase the money flow from your sales activity.

This workshop is geared towards helping businesses understand the basic principles of effective marketing. The goal is to help minimize waste and increase results on a shoe string budget. This is a hands on interactive workshop that will leave you filled with the right knowledge.

Become A Media Magnet

Learn what makes the media interested in you! How to get their attention and keep it!

Become A Media Magnet Module 3

Learn the Key Techniques for reaching the Media to drive recognition of your Business and your Brand.

You’ll Learn The Following:

  • The way to Connect with the Media
    Understand why Networking in the right circle is important to your brand. What are media people looking for? Identify the best platform for you & your business.
  • Enhanced Social Media Results
    Learn the value in your words. What are you writing and how can you write it better. Media surfs the internet too!
  • Creating The Pitch!..Even with Video
    Learn how to communicate Win-Win-Win opportunities. Requesting an Interview is more than you think! Be seen as an Industry Expert & Get Called. Use Video Marketing to your advantage
  • Press Release Distribution Strategy
    Learn how to construct powerful press releases and where to distribute them for the best response.

This workshop is designed to give you clear understanding of what the media wants and needs.  This hands on approach to creating press releases and cyber communication will help you be more effective in your approach.

Step Up Your Online Marketing! Merge Social & Email!

Learn how to make your social media marketing and your email marketing a cash cow!

Step Up Your Online Marketing! Merge The 2 Greats…Social & Email Module 4

Learn how to make your social media marketing and your email marketing a cash cow! The Power of Constant Contact.

You’ll Learn The Following:

  • Create an Interactive Online Audience
    Learn what you can do to get your online audience to be more interactive.
  • Effective Email Marketing Strategies
    Learn what effective email marketing is and how you can use it to your company’s advantage.
  • Grow Your Social Media Network
    Learn what it takes to grow a strong social media network full of resources. Learn to market efficiently online.
  • Creating Profitable Online Campaigns
    Understand the value of online marketing different from offline marketing. Identify the best place to spend dollars then Create a campaign that gets results.
  • Tap Into the Right Technology Platforms!
    Technology is every company’s friend. Get a customized plan for which technological platforms keeps your business cutting edge.

This workshop is a profound and enlightening program that helps business owners understand the clear difference and value of Online vs Offline marketing.  Each attendee will learn the value of using Constant Contact and how to effectively apply the “Essential Movement Strategy” in marketing as well.

Seats are limited to enhance your learning experience. Please check available dates and register.
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